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It's a fraction of the cost of a traditional wireline T1, much faster than DSL, and much quicker from order to installation than both. In affiliation with SkyRiver, Pixelgate features high-speed symmetrical bandwidth, delivering the same throughput for both uploads and downloads. Moreover, our low latency network reduces data delay.

The Ultimate Data Stream

Pixelgate offers high-speed wireless Internet access at less than half the cost-per-mbps of wireline options. With an order-to-installation pledge of just 3 business days. In fact, our current average is just 1.3 days. Once installed, you're only 2 physical hops from the Internet backbone, keeping data delays to an absolute minimum.

"Four-Nines" Reliability

Pixelgate boasts 99.99% network availability - that's an average of less than 10 seconds of downtime a day. And because of our low subscriber density, we deliver your full data rate 80% of the time. Although we're wireless, our service is unaffected by rain or fog. And should anything go awry, we offer same day on-site tech response.

One time installation charge as low as $199.00 includes wireless hardware only. Additional internal network configuration and consulting services available at an additional hourly rate.

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