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All cancellations of a Pixelgate Service require a 30 day, notice, prior to the end date of service. The Pixelgate Service Cancellation Form must be filled out and signed by the legal contact on file with Pixelgate. To initiate cancellation of service, download the Service Cancellation Form, print and fill out completely.

Mail to:

Pixelgate Networks
733 Lakefield Rd. Suite A
Westlake Village, CA 91361
ATTN: Technical Support


Note: The effective date of this cancellation notice is the date the signed document is received by Pixelgate + 30 days cancellation time. Providing Pixelgate has a current email address on file, you will receive a verification via email, from Pixelgate when this form is received. Please ensure that the provided email address is correct and legible. Do not assume receipt of this cancellation notice until you receive verification. Please keep a copy of this form for your records. All equipment must be returned to Pixelgate. Non-compliance may result in equipment fees being charged to your account.