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Services Cancellation Form

All account Cancellations require a 30 day notice. The effective date of this cancellation notice is the date it is submitted. Provided that Pixelgate has a current email address, you will receive verification from Pixelgate by email. Please ensure that the provided email address is correct. Do not assume receipt of this cancellation request if you do not receive a verification. Please keep a copy of the form for your records. Account Cancellations must be initiated and signed by the legal contact on file with Pixelgate - No Exceptions.


Full Contact Name (must be contact name on file with Pixelgate)
Company Name:
Account No.:
Zip Code:
Phone Number: - -
Email Address:
Service to be Canceled:
Reason For Cancellation
Here at Pixelgate we value you as a customer. In an effort to consitantly improve our practices please let us know why you are cancelling your service with us.

Once you press the button below, you will be brought to a page confirming your cancellation. Please record the Cancellation Number.