To Check your Email please try

http://webmail."YOUR DOMAIN"
example: if your domain was


To Use Microsoft Entourage with Your Email

  1. Open Microsoft Entourage.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Accounts.
  3. Click New.
  4. If the Account Setup Assistant window opens, click Configure account manually.
  5. In the Account Type section, select IMAP or POP, and click OK.

  6. In the Edit Account window, enter the following information:
    Account name
    An identifier for your account such as My Mail, Work, or Home
    The name to be shown on your email
    Email address
    Your full email address
  7. Complete the Receiving mail fields.
    Account ID
    Your email address
    POP/IMAP Server
    Your email account password
  8. Select Click here for advanced receiving options, make the following changes, and then click OK:
    Override default IMAP/POP port
    Select to enable
    POP/IMAP Port
    IMAP without SSL - 143
    IMAP with SSL - 993
    POP without SSL - 110
    POP with SSL - 995
  9. In the Sending mail section, enter your SMTP Server.
  10. Select Click here for more advanced sending options and make the following changes:
    Override default SMTP port
    Select to enable
    SMTP Port
    Without SSL - one of the following: 587
    With SSL - 465
    SMTP server requires authentication
    Select to enable
    Use same settings as receiving mail server
    Select to enable
  11. Click OK.