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PixelGate Cloud Storage


  • Compatible with many clients and protocols. More information on compatibility can be found here.
  • Different folders allow for easy sharing and privacy.
  • Uploaded files update almost instantly, allowing for easy sharing and faster workflow.
  • Stored files can be protected with encryption.
  • Easily recover previous versions of files.


up to 2 GB Free for advanced hosting plans
up to 25 GB $4.95/month
25GB - 99 GB 12 cents/GB/month stored, $5/month minimum
100 GB - 499 GB 10 cents/GB per month, $12/month minimum
500G B - 999 GB 8 cents/GB per month, $50/mo minimum
1TB (1000GB) to 5TB (5000GB) 6 cents/GB per month, $80/mo minimum
5TB (5000GB) or more 5 cents/GB per month, $300/mo minimum
The CloudStorage cluster periodically calculates and reports your storage usage during the day. You are charged for the highest storage usage (on a per GB basis) that occurs during that month.

If you exceed your chosen tier you will automatically be charged at the next level.

Bandwidth Usage: There is no charge for Inbound Bandwidth consumed. Outbound Bandwidth is also free as long as it doesn't exceed the amount of storage (on a per GB basis) you are paying for.

If the outbound usage exceeds your paid storage amount, then outbound bandwidth is charged at 10 cents per GB on the overage.

Activity Charges: There are no 'operation' charges such as those for PUT/DELETE/GET activities.

There is an 'excess files' charge of $10 per million physical files hosted on the server, if the number of those files exceeds 1 million files per account. Since most backup/archiving programs typically zip/pack their files together to save space, this charge is rarely triggered, even with customers who have extremely large multi TB accounts.

There is a 2TB limit on the size of an individual file. This is more of a practical guideline rather than a physical limit as the system can handle files up to PetaBytes in size.

AutoArchiving: If desired, your backup folder can be automatically archived (compressed and/or packed) into a datestamped folder by the CloudStorage system. There is no charge for that service, but of course it will increase your storage usage. Please call PixelGate for details.
Private Front End: A private Cloud Storage Front End allowing other forms of protocols (such as VPN, FTP, NFS, etc) along with the ability for the account holder to create their own users and groups is available for $20/month. Please call PixelGate for details.
Manual Import/Export: In the event you need to load or export data from your account faster then your local internet connection would allow, contact PixelGate and we can arrange to have your data copied from/to a USB drive at wire speed (often 100x faster) and delivered via a National Carrier (or deliver/pick it up yourself, if you are local to us).

You will be charged System Admin time for any preparation or costs associated with such a request, but not for the data transfer time to load to/from the physical drive. Terminals are available during business hours for you to export/import yourself if you desire. Depending upon the quality of the USB2/3 drive and the type of data, you can expect a speed of 10-50 GB/hour, so plan accordingly.

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